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Mentorship Camp ( 30-31 August 2024 )Navigating the Complexities of Teen Motherhood: Supporting Adolescent Mothers in Their Transition to Parenthood

Exploring the Challenges of Adolescent Mothers From Their Life Experiences in the Transition to Motherhood. Early motherhood can be a challenging journey for any woman, but it's particularly daunting for teenage mothers who often face unique obstacles so with the right support system in place, it can also be a time of growth, resilience, and empowerment. The responsibilities of motherhood coupled with the need to continue their education and personal growth can become overwhelming. Hence this mentorship program is going to help teenage mothers navigate this complex terrain, providing emotional support, education and carrier guidance, role modelling, parenting skills, self esteem and confidence, resource navigation and the inspiration needed to build a brighter future for themselves and their children. By investing in programs like this, we invest in the potential of these young mothers and their ability to overcome adversity, break cycles of poverty, and become successful, empowered individuals.

You can Participate as a Volunteer or as a Mentor, Be A Role model to someone to register please contact +263717528555, Registration fees 30 this includes


Classroom /tent accommodation



Please bring your Camping Gear ( ⛺ tent and blankets)

Please do not bring too many Bags it's just an overnight Camp and make sure you will be warm for the whole night

The good news is if you want to mentor our angels based on your professional level you might as well be selected .

let's Go Camping a good way to relax our minds with a little bit of Road Trips .#RadiantHelpinghands

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